As seniors are celebrating graduations, open houses, and looking forward to summer and what’s next, I looked back at a couple senior sessions from this year.

This one started with a simple email exchange:

He said you could take three pictures and be done.”

Then Adam showed up to the location.

He rocked it from the get-go, offered to climb up the inside of the barn, and, soon enough, we were well beyond just three pictures.

Adam was so much fun to work with. I admit I’m a little envious of his hair, but I’m working through it. We fought a bit of weather but the barn provided a great shield from the elements - and even better setting for these pictures.

Check out the images below (click to enlarge):


Needless to say, this session was a barn good time.

Cue the sad trombone. I just ruined a perfectly good blog post.


Josh KennedyComment