A Work of Art

“The most exquisite work of art you can ever create is a life well lived.”

- Erwin McManus

When I was younger, I used to think I’d arrive at this place in adulthood where I had it all figured out - all of the answers and everything would make sense.

It stressed me out.

In college, I thought I should be getting closer to this idea of adulthood and having it all figured out...and yet I felt like I was getting further away from it.

I had more questions - but that brought more awe and wonder. I didn’t have it all figured out - and it showed me the beauty in the nuance and angles.

I’m learning that life, our passions, and our work are an ongoing chance to create and cultivate the good. There are frames, strokes, and experiences along the way that stand out on their own. They come together to compose a broader canvas: our life’s work - and we have an opportunity to make a work of art.

This is Dean Mosey. He is a woodworker in Flushing, MI. I started this project expecting to learn a little about the craft of woodworking and to hear some good stories of projects and techniques. What I learned transcended all of that.


I interviewed him about his craft as he was getting ready to retire. So I asked him what he was looking forward to in retirement.

His answer? Woodworking and relationships.

He would finish a canoe he started with family, work solely on projects he wanted to, and spend time with loved ones. His craft and passion keep burning as he continues to compose his life’s work of art.


Dean talks in the second clip about making a contribution that lasts. I know he’s talking about his work and what he creates, but I also think he is referring to the relationships he’s built along the way too.

We’re each given an opportunity to build. Art. Work. Relationships. Let’s build for good.

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