How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top. We do not climb mountains to get to the top. We climb mountains so that we might be changed.

- Yvon Chouinard, mountaineer


Some of our favorite projects:

Chatham House 

If joy and excitement are contagious, buckle up. Kali and Shelley talk about the opening of their new storefront in Petoskey, MI.


CTM does some amazing work in Flint, MI and I was fortunate to help tell their story for their annual banquet.

The Carpenter

We sat down with Dean Mosey of Mosey Woodworks to talk carpentry, faith, and reflecting. This was part of a four-week series on a modern contextualization of the Christmas story.


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When we listen, we connect, and we can be moved.

(An elementary teacher sharing about the impact of a local church partnership with her school)

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There is such beauty in the details and nuance within your stories.

(Footage from The Carpenter)

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We all have a story. We are all a story. Let's listen together.

(Flint, MI water distribution interview)

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Hear and be heard. Together we can accomplish so much more.

(Community partnership video)

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When we listen, when are true with one another, we can grow and laugh together. We love getting to the heart of your story and helping to express it.

(Habitat for Humanity partnership video)